Beach Cleanliness in Phuket

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Beach Cleanliness in Phuket

Maintaining clean beaches is a hot topic in Phuket. Sadly for us it’s been a long struggle keeping our beautiful beaches clean and pristine. However there are things that we can all do to help prevent beach damage. Here are our 5 top tips on how we can do out bit to save our beaches and put an end to beach dumping grounds.

  1. Go Glass

We all know that plastic is one of the main culprits when it comes to rubbish on the beaches. So ditch the plastic water bottle and go glass, or better yet, go stainless steel to keep you water cold all day long. Single use plastic inevitably ends up in our oceans so let’s all try to limit it wherever possible.

  1. Plastic Free

As well as water bottles, straws and plastics bags are the second culprits for beach trash. Using plastic free straws like bamboo or glass, and plastic free bags like linen will help massively in reducing our plastic footprint.

  1. Get Stepping

Even if it’s not your trash, make the effort to pick it up and throw it away. You may not have left it there but we are all responsible for this planet so get those extra steps in and aim to pick up at least 5 pieces of rubbish during every beach trip… imagine how much that’ll add up to in a year!

  1. Swap Your Drink

If your go-to beach drink comes from a can or plastic bottle, think twice and switch it up. Lucky for us we have coconuts available everywhere on the beach, so the next time you’re feeling thirsty, get back to nature and grab a coconut instead… it’ll do your body the world of good too!

  1. Clean the Beach Bootcamp

Clean the Beach Bootcamp is the world’s largest beach clean up. It’s an awesome initiative here in Phuket that goes around to different beaches to clean up the mess. They put their own bootcamp spin on it by doing a workout in the process, so you can clean the beaches whilst getting your exercise in… it’s a win win.

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