Become a Running Pro in Phuket

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Become a Running Pro in Phuket

Phuket just completed its 5th night run! This race is divided into three categories, a 3.4km run, a 5, 6km run and a 10.8km, so no matter your fitness levels, anyone can get involved. From children to grandparents, and anyone in between, this run is for everyone.

Imagine thousands of people, of all heights, shapes, sizes and ages, running together as one through the streets of Phuket Town. This run is set at nighttime, primarily to escape the midday heat from the sun but also to boost the buzzing atmosphere. Running commences at 10.30pm but that’s not just it! There’s an entire dance performance and sponsorship event beforehand, and an awards closing ceremony at the end, to really make it a night to remember.

Although this race has just finished, there are plenty of other running clubs to join or running races to become a part of throughout the year. Most famously is the Laguna Phuket Marathon, from the 8-9th June. The first day is more amateur, with 2km, 5km, and 10.5km races on offer, with the main marathon event happening on the second day. It’s the perfect event to get the whole family fit and involved.

So whatever your fitness goals, running is an all rounder sport that’s great for the whole body. You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment, just you and the outdoors… and lucky for you, Phuket is filled with stunning trails and beaches that make the most perfect running tracks!

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