Kid Friendly Restaurants in Phuket

ECM   |   August 13, 2019   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments
Kid friendly restaurants in Phuket
Kid friendly restaurants in Phuket

We know that travelling with kids isn’t easy at the best of times, but when it comes to meal time, that’s a whole different ball game. So we’ve made things a lot easier for you when you’re travelling in Phuket. Forget the endless disagreements and ‘where to go for dinner’ discussions, with this list of the best kid friendly restaurants for Phuket tourists to visit below!

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Phuket vs. Bali: Which is better?

ECM   |   May 14, 2019   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments
Phuket vs. Bali: Which is better?

Meet any traveller and they’ll either be a Phuket fan or a Bali fan. These two destinations hold many similarities, so it is only natural for people to put them against each other and draw a comparison. Australians often side with Bali purely because it’s around the corner for them. Whereas Russians and Brits hold a soft spot for phuket. We’re going to put these two head to head and see which one comes out best.

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Dining out in Phuket

ECM   |   September 3, 2018   |   Food & Drink   |   0 Comments

Dining out in Phuket

Whether you’re here in Phuket on a romantic honeymoon or just want to feel a little fancy, there are some top dining destinations which you can’t miss whilst here in Phuket.

First and foremost, the East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge located in our Serenity Resort is of course our top dining pick. Located directly on the seafront in Rawai, you’re guaranteed to have the best dining view on the island. Enjoy a majestic dinner with fresh seafood, steak, pizza and so much more. With a whole cocktail menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sea view, delicious food, drinks on tap and the best photo backdrops, this spot will definitely create a night to remember.

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New Menu launched at East 88 Restaurant & Beach Lounge

ECM   |   July 14, 2017   |   Food & Drink   |   0 Comments

Steaks at East 88 Rawai

It’s official, the new and improved East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge food menu is here! Come and visit East 88 to sample our range of reasonably priced and delicious Thai and International food options carefully prepared the talented Chef Om. Click on the links below to see the new menus:

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The Phuket news is that East 88 is back!!!

ECM   |   May 16, 2016   |   Events & Celebrations   |   0 Comments

East 88 Restaurant and Beach lounge is back

The East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge situated on the water front within Serenity Resort and Residences is officially re-launched with a new menu, the same excellent staff and service, along with a new restaurant website, Facebook Page and associated social media outlets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Phuket Food

ECM   |   February 1, 2016   |   Food & Drink   |   0 Comments

Food and restaurants in Phuket

The best places to eat in phuket

The food in Phuket is amazingly varied, and as the locals say, “there’s always something for everyone!” No matter what your preferences are – whether you’re looking to sample some very cheap and tasty street food or dine in the finest restaurants around town, Phuket is simply the place to be. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started:

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