How To Pack Smart for Your Thailand Trip

ECM   |   September 26, 2019   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments
how to pack for your trip to Thailand
How to pack for your next trip to Thailand

We all know that going on holiday can be super exciting. It’s a new adventure and new a place to explore… and you finally get to bring out your summer wardrobe. Most of us do a big shop beforehand, so we have brand new clothes to wear and show off on holiday. However it’s important to be in the know on how to pack smart for your Phuket vacation!

1. Don’t overpack

It can be tempting for most of us to fill our suitcase to the brim and reach our baggage allowance. After all, if you’ve gone shopping, you want to put those new clothes to good use! But, chances are you’ll want to load up on goodies to Thailand to take back home.

2. Save Space

As the shopping and markets here in Thailand are so cheap, you won’t hold back. That’s why we recommend bringing a case half full and stocking up on items in Thailand that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find elsewhere.

3. Don’t be Fooled

The weather report in Thailand may be high twenties and full sun each day, but during the rainy months, there can be showers almost daily. That’s why you must also bring a jacket or waterproof overall so you don’t get caught out.

4. Minimal is Everything

Holidaying in Thailand is extremely laid back and casual. You won’t need fancy clothes… anything goes! Life in Thailand is all about singlets, shorts and flip flops. So pack light, go casual and get into the laid back vibes.

Do you have any tips for holiday packing for future visitors to Phuket or to Thailand? Let us know and we would be happy to add your suggestion to our list!

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