How To Travel Without Technology

ECM   |   December 6, 2019   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments

Ever been tempted by the thought of doing a digital detox but don’t know where to begin? What better chance than when on holiday. We don’t know about you but for us, going on holiday and travelling is a chance for us to unwind, disconnect from our work life and reconnect with our inner selves. However being on our phones, laptops or iPad’s too much during our travels can get in the way from all of that. That’s why we are going to share with you our top three ways to start a digital detox on holiday and travel without technology.

  1. Set Boundaries Going on a digital detox whilst travelling doesn’t mean never being on your phone. Rather, it’s about setting limits and boundaries for yourself so you don’t get consumed in the digital world and stay more focussed in the present world. Perhaps that means allowing yourself half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night to catch up on calls and emails and leaving the rest of your day to embrace new experiences.
  2. Get Prepared
    As we rely on our phones all too much, going on a digital detox will make you realise just how much you use it. If you rely on Google maps to get around, get prepared and do your research before to know exactly where you’re going. If you rely on your phone to take photos or to tell the time, invest in things like a simple camera and watch to help detach from your phone that little bit easier. 
  3. Be Present Ever gone on holiday and been more concerned about getting the perfect shot or doing as many uploads on instagram as possible to show people what a great time you’re having? More often than not, we get too wrapped up in the image of what you’re portraying rather than the reality of it itself. So we say, less time posting and more time embracing! 

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