New Year, New You

ECM   |   January 24, 2020   |   News & Features   |   0 Comments

Ever heard the phrase ‘New Year, New You’ before? Chances are you have. But today we’re talking about it differently. We’re talking all about mindset and the power of the mind. Forget the diet you’re starting on Monday or the gym you’re about to join. We’re delving even deeper, we’re going into mindfulness.

No matter what our goals may be for the new year, none of them can happen without the power of the mind. This new year, in 2020, it’s all about thinking big, a fresh mindset and taking action. If you’ve played small in the past, kept things safe, been afraid of taking risks, 2020 is the year to turn things around. Taking risks and being bold is what helps us grow. Although we may not win every time, we always learn, which sometimes is even more valuable than winning.

Only with a strong mind, can we be brave enough to take action on what we believe in. No longer are we hiding behind others, letting others be our voice. This year, we’re finding our own voice. This must come from within. An inner confidence and self esteem, which ultimately comes from a strong mindset.

But how do you get this strong mindset? That’s the easy part. A mindset shift comes when you learn to surrender. We you learn to stop having expectations of others, when you learn you are not always in control and that’s ok, and when you learn to surrender to the universe. Once you surrender, you become much lighter and will feel a sense of freedom. The baggage you’ve been carrying around for years has finally been lifted off your shoulders. It’s now time to embrace this lighter you, this you that doesn’t care what other people think, this you that is open to possibility.

Once you surrender, watch all the things that come your way. Your mental blocks have now gone, leaving room for goodness to enter your life. So what do you say, are you ready for the shift?

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