Phuket vs. Bali: Which is better?

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Phuket vs. Bali: Which is better?

Meet any traveller and they’ll either be a Phuket fan or a Bali fan. These two destinations hold many similarities, so it is only natural for people to put them against each other and draw a comparison. Australians often side with Bali purely because it’s around the corner for them. Whereas Russians and Brits hold a soft spot for phuket. We’re going to put these two head to head and see which one comes out best.


Phuket’s high season, ie; summer time, ranges from Early December until around late April. The rest of the time can be sunny, and is always warm, however from the months of July to September, Phuket experiences some monsoon weather, with little sunshine and lots of rainfall.

On the flipside, Bali’s high season is from June to August. These are the sunniest and driest months of the year. The wet season in Bali is mainly from October to April. This is where the two islands complement each other and have opposite summer times, so you can be in the sunshine all year round.


It’s safe to say that Phuket beats Bali on this one. Sadly the Bali beaches aren’t as pristine as you’d imagine. They are often extremely dirty and filled with rubbish. This is not to say that Phuket’s beaches are spotless, but the sand is clear and the rubbish is low.


When it comes to cheap and tasty street food, Phuket wins by a mile. But when it comes to stunning dishes, food art, cafe culture and vegan options, it’s Bali all the way. Bali is known for its Australian style cafes, award winning food and beautiful presentation.


In terms of pricing, the accomodation in Phuket and Bali is fairly similar. Accommodation can range from a hostel to an AirBnb apartment, hotel or luxury villa, depending on your needs and preferences. Let’s just say you can live like a king if you wanted to!

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