Surf Season in Phuket

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Surf Season in Phuket

Low season is just around the corner and we’re feeling it. Just as Songkran ends, this signifies the start of low season. That means cloudy weather, less sunshine and lots more rain. However this isn’t all just doom and gloom. For all the surfers out there, it’s their dream come true. This is the best time for surfers as the winds are strong, the tide is high, the seas are changing and the surf is up!

Although sad news for the holiday makers as they just want a relaxing swim in the ocean and to lay down on the beach, this is far from the case. More often than not during low season, the waves are too strong to even be able to swim in the water. The lifeguards and red flags are out to stop you from swimming in the danger zones. The tide is also almost always too high on the beach, taking over much of the sand and not leaving a spot for you to lay out on!

If you are budding surfer and happen to be here in Phuket over low season, make sure you get yourself down to Nai harn beach for an unmissable surf. This beach will bring you some of the best waves during the whole season. It’s a hotspot for other surfers, so you’ll also get to meet like minded surf buddies and ride those waves together.

If you want to head to another nearby surf beach, be sure to check out Kata Beach. It’s said to be the surfing capital of Phuket. The waves here can reach up to 2 meters high, so this beach is recommended for experienced surfers only. If you’re new to surfing and want to have some fun, head around the corner to Phuket Surf House where you can practice riding the waves in safety away from open water!

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