The Five Best markets in Bangkok

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Shopping at markets in Thailand
Markets and Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand

If there’s one thing Bangkok isn’t short on, it’s markets for shopping. There are markets on every corner, with new ones popping up almost every week. We are going to take you through our five most favourite busiest central bangkok markets.

1. Chatuchak Market
This might be one of the most well known markets in the whole of Bangkok. It’s only open on the weekends, so when saturday morning comes around, it’s heaving. This market is massive, and you can easily get lost in it, so know your bearings!
2. Pratunam Market
This market is located in one of Bangkok’s busiest districts. It’s known for its bargain clothes sales. It’s not uncommon to see foreigners buying clothes and souvenirs in bulk at very cheap prices, to then take back home and sell on.
3. Sampeng Market
This market is located in the bustling China Town region of Bangkok. If you’re on the hunt for jewellery, trinkets, souvenirs or fabrics, this is the market for you. This market is also very popular for buying wholesale and in bulk, for great bargains!
4. Wang Lang
Now if you’re thinking, where’s all the amazing food markets, listen up! Wang Lang is the best when it comes to food markets in Bangkok. From sweet snacks to savoury meals, we promise you won’t leave hungry. Be sure to branch out and try something new too… deep fried insects or mango sticky rice perhaps?
5. Saphan Phut If you’re looking for the perfect night time activity whilst in Phuket, head down to Saphan Phut market and wander the aisles. This market is particularly a hit with the locals. If they need to get their clothes shopping done, this is going to be their go-to!

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