Top 6 Best Things to do for Water Lovers in Phuket

ECM   |   January 10, 2020   |   Expert Travel Tips   |   0 Comments

Love water based activities just as much as we do? Then listen up, because we have a treat for you. We’ve done our research and put together a list of the top 6 best things to do in Phuket for all you water lovers out there. So dive in and give them a go.

  1. Water Skiing Water skiing is at the top of our list because if you’re a water lover, you’re also a water ski lover. Water skiing is available on most of the beaches in Phuket. It’s fun for all the family and gets a great workout in too!
  2. Kayaking There’s no better place to Kayak than in the serene caves of Maya Bay. The stunning Maya Beach was shot on the famous movie ‘The Beach’ and has become a hotspot ever since.
  3. Bangkok Floating Market Discover a world on water at the Bangkok floating market. Let shopping come to life with all the incredible colours, smells and products on offer. It’ll open your eyes up to a whole new world of shopping.
  4. Khao Lak Waterfalls Arguably some of the best waterfalls in Thailand, Khao Lak will put on one serious water show. The beautiful thing is, not only do you get to witness it with your eyes, you get to splash around and experience them for yourself too!
  5. Khao Sok Rafting Go rafting along to serene lakes of Khao Sok. Soak up the still crystal water and embrace the mountains hugging you from either side. It’s like something out of a fairytale and will be sure to take your breath away.
  6. Paddle Boarding Paddle boarding is a family favourite. This can be done on any beach but we love Naiharn beach the best for this. Take your board out just before sunset and paddle along the still water to witness the sun go down… pure bliss!

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