Tourism in Phuket

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Tourism in Phuket

Phuket is built on tourism, it’s an absolute tourist hub that lives and breathes tourism. However the tourist industry differs throughout the year in Phuket. During high season, from the months of November to April, Phuket is heaving with Russian tourists. There are tons of Russian expats all year round but especially Russian tourists during the high season months. This is primarily because this is the winter months in Russia and can reach -20 degrees…. No wonder why they all flea to some place warmer!

On the flip side, Phuket gets an influx of tourists in the low season too from the chinese tourists. These tourists don’t just blend in, you’ll be sure to notice their arrival. These tourists tend to travel on group tours on big coaches and buses. They travel in large groups so it’s hard to miss them. They’re also often weary of being in the sun for too long, that’s why you’ll see them fully covered on the beach with an umbrella in hand… the complete contrast to the Russian tourists.

Phuket is also a hotspot for British, American and Australian tourists. All wanting to experience that tropical sun and embrace a completely different culture.

Either way, we love having tourists here in Phuket to help keep business growing and thriving. Phuket cannot survive without these tourists coming in and pumping money back into the economy. Business like the restaurants, cafes, hotels, water sports companies, boat companies and nightclubs all rely heavily on tourism to make their business work. During the months of high season, these companies will be smart and save their extra cash in order to prepare themselves for the slow times during low season.

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