What Not To Do in Thailand

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What Not To Do in Thailand

Thailand is a Buddhist country, with a strong buddhist influence. For first timers here in Thailand, there are many dos and don’ts to be aware of when travelling around. We’ve listed them below so read carefully so you can have a trouble-free trip and slip into Thai culture as if you were a local!

  1. Take Your Shoes Off

It is customary to take your shoes off every time you enter a room, house or building in Thailand. This is a sign of respect and is seen as very disrespectful if not done. Makes sense why lightweight sandals are so popular here!

  1. Respect the Kingdom

The kingdom of Thailand is run by the king who is highly respected. Disobeying or speaking disrespectfully about the Royal Family can result in serious punishments.

  1. Don’t Touch Monks

Monks stand on a high position in Thailand and are highly respected. Therefore we must never stand over then, or worse, hug them, as we must keep our respectful distance.

  1. Respect Your Visa

The visa laws in Thailand are very strict. Many digital nomads risk working in Thailand undercover on a tourist visa, where you’re not actually permitted to work. Breaching these laws can lead to serious consequences and even imprisonment. So respect your visa and stay out of trouble.

  1. Don’t Touch the Monkeys

Monkeys are a sacred animal in Thailand. Although cute, some can be dangerous and volatile. Do not provoke them and they will leave you alone. However if provoked, be ready to reap the consequences.

  1. Be on Your Game

You may be travelling and loosen your inhibitions, but always stay on top of your game. Whether it’s drinking on the streets in a public place or driving a scooter without your helmet on, the Thai police are everywhere. Stick to the rules and don’t risk it!

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